Custom Ordered Items (Items not seen on our site)


If you have gone through all of our “Shop” section and did not see an item that you wanted, you are able to request for it to be custom ordered. We can custom order almost any charm you can think of and we are able to custom order certain lockets, chains, dangles, disks and plates that may not be in our Shop.

~To custom order an item please email us at Please include your name, your order number and a description of the item you want custom ordered. If we are able to get it we will write you up an invoice for it. All custom ordered charms are $8 each and all custom ordered lockets, chains, dangles, disks and plates range in price.

~Please take a look through the shop section before you request a custom charm. We are a very new company and we are always adding new products to our website. Sometimes the items you are looking for will be added to the inventory. If you still do not see your item just email us and we will help you get it custom ordered.

~All custom orders take up to 4 weeks to ship. If we can get them sent out sooner we will.

~If you have placed an order with us that has not already shipped, you have the option to have your order delayed and your custom items shipped with it. This way you do not have to pay for shipping twice. However, if you want your custom items shipped seperately you will be charged shipping for the custom order and the regular order you placed online. Please specify which option you would like when you email us.

~Our contact email for custom orders is